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CAD/CAM – Computer -Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing calcium – mineral necessary to the formation and maintenance of healthy teeth and bones calculus – commonly called “tartar,” hard substance that forms on teeth due to insufficient plaque control, may be stained brown or yellow canker sore – whitish mouth sore, usually lasts 10-14 days, may have red “halo” cantilever bridge – dental bridge that only attaches to teeth on one side cap – commonly used term for dental crown caries – common term for tooth decay or “cavities” cast/model – 3D reproduction used by filling an impression or mold with plaster and allowing it to dry CAT scan – Computerized Axial Tomography scan, used to determine size, shape, and placement of bone, usually used for implant placement planning cavity – missing tooth structure caused by decay, abrasion, or erosion Cavitron – dental tool used in cleaning teeth, uses high-frequency ultrasonic waves cellulitis – potentially dangerous infection of the soft tissue, characterized by extensive hard swelling cementum – hard tissue that covers the outer surface of a tooth root cephalometric imaging – x-ray scan of the head that shows the relative positioning of the face, teeth, and jaws clasp – acrylic or metal portion of a partial denture that hooks to natural teeth cleaning/prophylaxis – the removal of plaque and calculus from the teeth above the gumline cleft palate – congenital deformity that is characterized by a partial or complete lack of fusion of soft and/or hard palate coil spring – spring used between brackets and archwire to open or close space between teeth complete denture – set of prosthetic teeth that are used to replace all upper or lower teeth composite resin – tooth colored material composed of plastic with small particles of ceramic or glass, generally cured with a chemical catalyst or filtered light coronal – referencing the crown of a tooth cosmetic dentistry – dental services used to improve appearance, rather than health or function cross bite – lower teeth lie in front of upper teeth when teeth are closed crown – may refer to the visible tooth above the gumline or to a prosthetic dental restoration that replaces part or all of a natural tooth crown lengthening – surgical manipulation of gum tissue to expose more tooth structure, often used in conjunction with other treatment curettage – the removal of infected tissues from periodontal pocket or bone, often in conjunction with scaling and root planing (deep cleaning) cusp – pointed or rounded mound on or near the chewing surface of a tooth cuspid – tooth located between incisors and bicuspids, also known as “eye tooth” or “canine” cyst – sac of tissue, usually hard or filled with fluid  

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